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Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing program used for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and students' homework assignments. There are many powerful features available in Microsoft Word to make it easier to learn for students with disabilities. The following tutorials have been designed by technology trainers and include selections from Microsoft's Classroom Corner.

To Use Tutorial:

Microsoft Word 2000 (Win) or

Microsoft Word 2001 (Mac) or

Microsoft Word 2002 (Win) or

Microsoft Word X (Mac)

ATTO Tutorials

Auto Text/ Auto Correct (39kb)

Reducing the Number of Toolbar Choices (64kb)

Borders (70kb)

Ruled Table 2000 (246kb)

Changing Text Appearance (88kb)

Screen Shots (406kb)

Clip Art (133kb)

Using Hyperlinks (50kb)

Create a Table/Making Word Cards (31kb)

Using Pictures (30kb)

Creating Customized Ruled Paper (103kb)
(By Subhashini Balagopal + Patti Young)

Using Spell Check (69kb)

Creating Document Templates (79kb)

Using Spell Check (56kb)

Creating Document Templates (68kb)

Using the Thesaurus (43kb)

Creating Forms for Quizzes (35kb)

Utility Manager (47kb)

Efficiency: Keyboard Shortcuts (50kb)
(By Subhashini Balagopal + Patti Young)

Watermarks (50kb)

Handwriting Font Sites (27kb)

Watermarks (40kb)

Keyboard Shortcuts (50kb)

Windows 2000 Accessibility Options (59kb)

Macros (26kb)

Word Speak 2001 (78kb)

MS Classroom Corner

This section of Microsoft's website includes ready-to-use ideas, activities, lesson plans, and more - designed for the classroom teacher. We have selected a few favorites to share. Visit the site for frequent additions!

Creating a Personal Slide Show (42kb)

Find and Replace Activities (28kb)

Descriptive Cards (52kb)

Making Words Stand Out (28kb)

Designing Bookmarks (101kb)

Translate MS Word Text (70kb)

Drag & Drop Feature Activities (56kb)

Using the Letter Wizard (26kb)

Draw a Snowflake (37kb)

Using the Thesaurus (26kb)

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