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There is a tutorial for blind users on the JAWS CD. This tutorial is designed for a sighted tutor to teach a blind user to use JAWS with Windows programs. JAWS® screen reader provides access to software applications and the Internet. With its internal software speech synthesizer and a computer sound card, information on the screen is read aloud. This comprehensive tutorial provides specifics on using JAWS with Windows including: basics, keyboard commands, JAWS screen reading commands, how to switch between applications, work with windows and dialog boxes, and much more.

These tutorials are the property of Kathleen Beaver at CAT/UB and are to be used solely for educational purposes by the end user. Distribution of copies for sale or publication elsewhere is strictly prohibited without the author's permission.

To View Tutorial Files:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

To Use Tutorial:

JAWS Software

Either download the complete tutorial (592k), or individual sections based on tasks featured below.

Introduction (193k)

The Mouse
The Keyboard
Reading Screens & Documents

Module 1 (215k)

Windows Basics
The Windows Screen
Loading a Program
Running Programs
Working with a Window
Shutting Down the System
Review of Keyboard Commands
Practice Exercise

Module 2 (153k)

Switching between Applications
Accessing Menus
Working with Dialog Boxes
Saving a File
Review of Keyboard Commands
Practice Exercise

Module 3 (150k)

Opening a File
Cursor Movement
Selecting Text
Selecting All Text
Aligning Text
Applying Font Styles
Unselecting Text
Review of Keyboard Commands
Practice Exercise

Module 4 (232k)

JAWS Cursors
The JAWS Window
Basics Settings Dialog
Voices Dialog
Individual Voices
The Configuration Manager Window
Virtual Viewer
Saving a Configuration
The JAWS Dictionary

Module 5 (101k)

Adjust JAWS Verbosity
JAWS Managers

Module 6 (156k)

JAWS with the Internet
JAWS with Microsoft Word


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