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screen shot of Clicker 4Clicker is a powerful yet easy to use writing and multimedia tool. Clicker enables students to write with whole words, phrases and pictures. The package includes Clicker Writer, a talking word and picture processor. Students' writing can be supported by pictures displayed above the words, and the text can be spoken. Clicker grids support students writing with instant, on-screen access to words, pictures and sounds. Students needing help to read a word can listen to it before they write it.

If you don't want to create activities yourself, there is a huge range of ready-made materials available, including hundreds of free materials on the Clicker Grids for Learning website and others.

To View Tutorial Files:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word 97/2000 Viewer (Win)

To Use Tutorials:

Clicker 4


Clicker 4 Tutorial Sites

Learning Grids by Crick Software

The Clicker Guide by Crick Software

Kent County NGfL tutorials and grid ideas

Thomas Wosley's Outreach Tutorials

Getting Started with Clicker 4 from Oxfordshire County Council Education Service

ATTO Special Clicker 4 Commands

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