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IntelliTalk II is a full-featured word processor that allows you to combine graphics, text, and speech to enhance writing and communication skills. It includes special features that promote understanding, reinforce concepts, and provide a multi-sensory writing environment for all learners.

IntelliTalk II supports universal access, provides auditory and visual reinforcement, spell check with auditory support, on-screen palettes, picture items and libraries, sample templates and the ability to create student portfolios, lock text and answer fields, hide or show palettes and view documents one section at a time page view.

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IntelliTalk II


Working with Palettes

Palettes are the method to customize writing activities for any student. This section explores the palette toolbar and library. You will learn how to preview palettes, add them to documents, edit palette appearance and change their location within documents.

Step by Step
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Creating a New Palette

Palettes can be created and/or edited and saved as templates for reusable learning activities. In this section, you will learn how to create palettes for specific activities, edit them and change their appearance and save them as templates and create an overlay for use with IntelliKeys.

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