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The following individuals worked as a team to develop the website. Collaboration is a "must" as traditional training content is modified and restructured within a web-based framework. By working together we explore new frontiers - there are no answers, but many possibilities...

Sue Mistrett, MS Ed, Project Director
Jennifer Murphy, MS Ed, Content Trainer
Jennifer Weir, BA, Web Development and Marketing
Michael Anton Sciortino, JD, MS, Webmaster/Developer
Andrea Kalaydjian, BFA, Web Designer

Others have contributed to the project during previous stages of development. We'd like to thanks them for their contributions:

Bill Gavin, PhD, Project Co-Director
Katie Beaver, MS Ed, AT Training Specialist
Tina Oddo, MS OTR/L, AT Training Specialist
Terry Welch, MS Ed, Content Editor
Lisa McKenna, MS, Web Technician
Brent Arnold, BFA, Web Design Assistant
Rajesh Vonguru, Programmer


Expert Review Panel
In order to ensure the accuracy of information, the most current use of assistive technologies and the comprehensiveness of the information, a group of experts has agreed to contribute to the development of this website. Listed below in alphabetical order, they include national leaders in the field of AT training and its use in education:

Gayl Bowser is the Coordinator of the Oregon Technology Access Program.

Dave Edyburn, PhD is an associate professor of special education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Shelly Lane, PhD is Chair/ Associate Professor in the Occupational Therapy Department at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Howard P. Parette, Jr., EdD is a Professor in the Dept. of Elementary, Early, and Special Education, Southeast Missouri State University.

Penny Reed, PhD is the Director of the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative, a statewide technical assistance project funded by the WI Department of Public Instruction.

Linda Robinson is the coordinator of two of the Macomb Projects: the Technology Team Assessment Process Outreach Project and the Interactive Technology Literacy Curriculum Project.

Miriam Struck, is an occupational therapist in Maryland and a recognized author of many AT articles.

Joy Zabala is the developer of the SETT Framework, a tool which supports collaborative consideration, development, implementation and evaluation of AT devices and services.



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