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User Tips

Site Navigation

ATTO's Main toolbar is available on all web pages to let you quickly get to the front page of each of the 4 Informational Sections. The toolbar includes the Home Key icon, quickly returning you to the main Table of Contents page. Each front page opens with a graphical label:

Image locating main toolbar as top row.

Within any page a side bar of sub-topic information moves you quickly to the information you are seeking.

Image locating subtopic information to the left column.

Within each of the ATTO pages, its path appears on the top of each page so that you can see its place in the site map.

Image of site path for US Government page under Resources

For easy navigation, at the bottom of each page links take you to any of the 4 main sections, Home page or to contact information.

Footer image of links

In addition:
Search: A site search feature is available on every page -- even before you come in! It allows you to search the entire site by word or phrase.

Printer Friendly Pages: Your browser provides a print option, but with the highly graphical design of the site, you may want to simply print out the information on the page itself- with the side and top bars. This option is provided at the bottom of each page.



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