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User Tips


Plug-ins are required for full access to the site. We have designed the site so that audio and video players that come with your operating system can be used. If you need updates, a link will let you know. Other players are listed below that can also be downloaded and used. The one plug-in required to view linked files is Adobe Acrobat (Version 4 is preferred); its link is listed below. If needed, links for free plug-ins are included below for the user. This is a one-time-only task! If you have any questions or problems with the plug-ins, please contact the developers.

Macintosh Plugins

PC Plugins

Adobe Acrobat (for documents)

Quicktime (for video)

I-tunes(for audio)

Adobe Acrobat (for documents)

Media Player (for video)

Winamp (for audio)


Adobe Acrobat Reader provides instructions on how to ensure full access to documents using screen readers.



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