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Accessible Features

We have attempted to design a website that is accessible to all.

For those with a range of operating systems, browsers and internet connections… the site is designed with:

  • reduced amount of time for the pages to load
  • only one plug-in required, as we know many schools and institutions limit the user's ability to download files.
  • large files are links from pages
  • instruction to increase font size


W3C accessibility symbolFor user's with disabilities, the site pages are WC3 approved as is indicated by the symbol to the right. Examples include:

  • text equivalents of non-text media (photos, graphics, bullets, audio descriptions, and video and descriptions for pictures)
  • simply designed consistent style sheets (headers, table layout) depict level of training; standard menu format, high contrast
  • user controlled moving, scrolling objects
  • use of keyboard commands to navigate
  • clear and consistent navigational tools are used throughout the site
  • appropriate color contrast
  • accessible to screen readers
  • NO frames


Courses on designing accessible websites
(from Nancy Fire)

The Web Accessibility In Mind website offers a range of information including samples of accessible html markups, simulations, handbooks, etc.

Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center (ITTATC) Web Accessibility Course
A free, Web-based course for HTML knowledgeable web developers; teaches techniques for creating accessible web sites.

EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information
Barrier-free Information technology
Beginners Barrier-free Web Design Course
Advanced Barrier-free Web Design Course

HTML Writers Guild




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