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Profiler: A Self Assessment of AT Familiarity

You can use the results of the Self Assessment in 2 ways:

  1. You can see where you compare with your peers. As part of registering, you will need to select a "building" - from a group of role titles (OT, PT, Parents, teacher, etc.). At the end of the survey, you will see graphical representations of your survey results in the Profiler Badge and then be able to see how others compared with your results.
  2. If you want to check your personal growth, re-take the self assessment survey to compare old and new badges. Because each time you take it the badge, it's updated; you can no longer see the old badge results. You will have to print out the badge when you first take the survey, so you have a record of those results to compare with the new badge you receive when you re-take the survey.


  1. Go to the Profiler site (http://profiler.hprtec.org).
    NOTE: This Resource No Longer Exists
  2. Click on Create New Account in the left column.
  3. The "District ID" name is "atto"; click continue.
  4. Enter your user information; in Choose a Building select the group that most closely defines your work.
  5. Click on Complete Account Setup.
  6. The next page will provide your 4 digit PIN #. You will need this number to access your results.
Profiler site


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