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Math Vendors
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Computers and software programs allow students who have difficulty using math tools to participate in math activities to construct and manipulate objects for counting, sorting, combining and completing related work sheets. These Assistive Technology options ease access to classroom math materials and technology.

This module identifies specific tools to help students apply math in real world settings and to solve problems through a variety of alternate means. We also offer a handout on Vendors of Math products. Further information on Math for students with disabilities can be found in our Non-Computer Aids module.

Standards of learning for mathematics in elementary grades focus on the understanding of math concepts, using tools and computing facts and then applying them to life situations.


link to: Non-Computer Aids: Math
Non-Computer Aids: Math

There are several tools required for use during math activities in the elementary grades. They include but are not limited to calculators, rulers, compasses, and protractors. Many are designed with features making them more accessible to all students.

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