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Curricular Software

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Curricular Software

For younger children, look for programs that foster discovery and learning. Try to find programs that complement the classroom curriculum with activities that reinforce what is going on in school.


SwitchIt! Early Math with Spider and Friends (IntelliTools)
SwitchIt! Early Math with Spider and Friends screen shotEarly Math provides a variety of multimedia early learning activities that focus on mathematic concepts in grades K-2. Students get to practice sorting, matching, copying, drawing, counting, and more. This program was designed for single switch use but can be controlled with a mouse. (Mac/Win)
Cost: $49.95

Number Concepts 1 (IntelliTools)
Number Concepts 1 screen shotNumber Concepts 1 helps build a foundation for mathematical thinking for students in grades K-2. Correlated with national math standards, students practice counting in different environmental contexts. Students can discover learning in "Explore Mode", and solve problems in "Questions & Answer Mode". Programs can be easily customized for different students; their progress can also be tracked.(Mac/Win)
Cost: $79.95

Number Concepts 2 (IntelliTools)
Designed for fundamental math skills in grades 3-5, this program provides ways for students to master skip counting, place value, factoring, and use of the hundreds chart. As in #1, it offers customizable features for each student as well as a built-in tracking system monitors students' progress. (Mac/Win)
Cost: $79.95

IntelliMathics (IntelliTools)
IntelliMathics provides students with disabilities the opportunity to work with on-screen manipulatives similar to those found in most classrooms. The program offers teachers a powerful tool for customizing manipulative-based activities for individual users. IntelliMathics also comes with many sample activities that are ready for immediate classroom use. Students can print their work and save files within their own portfolios.
Cost: $139.95

Mighty Math Series: (Riverdeep) K-2
Carnival Countdown

Zoo Zillions
These software programs help teach math basics, concepts and problem-solving skills. For younger students they offer activities using addition, subtraction, story problems, number facts, 3D shapes, counting money and making change. (Mac/Win)

Mighty Math Series: (Riverdeep) 3-6
Calculating Crew
Number Heroes

These programs work together to teach math basics, concepts and problem-solving skills. They provide activities to teach multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals, number line concepts, 2D geometry and probability 3D solids and their properties, money transactions and much more. dozens of math concepts and solve thousands of problems while learning multiplication and division, fractions. (Mac/Win)

Millie's Math HouseMillie's Math House (Riverdeep) PreK-2
Explore numbers, shapes, patterns, addition and subtraction concepts through interactive learning. (Mac/Win)

Turbo Math Facts (Nordic Software) K-6
Through educational games in a race car format, students develop math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Cost: $49.95

link to: download BasketMath trial version
Download BasketMath trial version

BasketMath (Science Academy Software) 4-7
Using a basketball format to practice math skills, this software is based on standardized tests designed for grades 4-7.

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