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The pointing devices described in this section are "plug and play" mouse alternatives, as they require no special interface. Simply plug them into a mouse port and they're ready to use! We discuss a variety of options but more emerge every day!


KidzMouseNo need to click on a button! The KidzMouse can be squeezed anywhere to make it work. It's sized to better fit small hands and uses a child's natural responses for better control. Two can be used at the same time so that each young child can have their own to use.
Cost: $23.95

Little Mouse and Tiny Mouse (The Secret Seven Corp.)
Little MouseThese small mice are sized for a child's hand. Little Mouse is 2/3 the size of a standard mouse. Tiny Mouse is even smaller, 1/2 the size of an adult mouse. Longer buttons marked with bright dots also make it easier to use. A mouse with a Mouse Wheel is also available, which can act as a double-click.
Cost: $24.95

Kiddy MouseKiddy Mouse ( LeClick)
This mouse is designed for children in primary grades. It is curved to fit a small hand better. Buttons are programmable and a third button on the side makes it easy to double-click. (Windows only.)
Cost: $24.95

Computer CrayonsMouse Pen (Fellowes)
Students hold this mouse like a crayon or pen to control the pointer on the screen. The ball mechanism allows this unit to work on almost any surface, including your leg. Mouse Pens are available in both Windows and Mac versions.

IntelliMouse Optical (Microsoft)
IntelliMouse OpticalThis mouse has no moving parts. No mouse ball to clean and no mouse pad needed! It works on all surfaces. It offers ambidextrous pointing options and includes programmable buttons and a scrolling wheel. It offers many options for students with special needs.
Cost: $54.95

iFeel™ Mouse (Logitech)
iFeel  MouseThis mouse uses touch sense technology to let the student "feel" the surface texture of the computer desktop. When icons, links, or pull-down menus are located, the student feels a corresponding bump as she moves the pointer over its edge. Choose from physical sensations such as ants marching, rubbery, car crash, and basketball.

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