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Adapting Computers
Keyboard Options
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Standard Keyboards

Compact Keyboards

Ergonomic Keyboards

Mini Keyboards

Enlarged Keyboards

Cordless Keyboards

3-D Keyboards

Portable Notetakers

Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard Vendors (pdf)


This module discusses computer keyboard options for students who have difficulty using a standard keyboard to access the computer. We review commercially available "Plug and Play" keyboards that require little time to set-up and may be more accessible for students with disabilities. Information on many of these keyboards is provided in our handout on Keyboard Vendors. Other information includes portable notetakers, various keyboard layouts and typing tutorials.

For students who have difficulty using a standard keyboard, we offer a variety of alternatives. These are often available at local computer stores or through the resources provided. However, they may not provide a complete solution for some students. For other keyboard and mouse access options, see our Module on Specialized Input Systems.



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